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Asp net gridview rowupdating dropdownlist

asp net gridview rowupdating dropdownlist-23

But since it answers your original problem better: The usual way to do get values extracted when Data Binding in code-behind is to handle Row Updating. Cast them to Data Control Field Cell and get the Containing Field. You will end up with a Dictionary with the extracted values in it, much like e.New Values when you are using a Data Source Control. Many thanks to Amit and others as well for helping me out. Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you.

I am not populating Dropdown List in Page_Load event since it is in my Gridview as code shows above. Data Value Field; program sets always as selected first item in the collection, which is wrong. First, you need to databind the drop down before you set the selected value, otherwise there's nothing to select. Text; // Get the primary key for the row Drop Down List ddl = row. Grid View should call it all by itself when the Update Command is processed. And how do you add the Template to the Grid View Columns? This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. Actually I have designed an application page derived from Layouts Page Base for sharepoint 2010 and this page has a gridview control, in which i use templatefield to show the data in a dropdown list. The extractvalue does not get called when my dropdownlist is created or the value is selected. In my On_Load() protected Extract Values is for use when Updating. Starting at 4.0, it works for binding in code-behind as well. Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you.I am unable to use the find control as it does not find the dropdown list. For Web Application the Pages are all in a namespace, so it does work.But thanks for taking the time to provide a solution. What I usually do is put a separate class in App_Code.Then i had to extract values from the dictionary object and then update in the database. Cells[7] as Data Control Field Cell; grd Port Transit Connections.

I will also try to put important code in this post. Control container) In *file protected void Page_Init(object sender, Event Args e) In Row_updating event Data Control Field Cell empnumcell = grd Port Transit Connections.

Rachna Now I am trying to create an Object Data Source to bind to my Drop Down List in design time. The classes in there can be used as Type Name in Object Data Source.

But I am unable to find the Type Name for the Object Data Source. As a fan of declarative programming, I shouldn't be saying this.

When I click the edit button, the Country display changes to a dropdown list but the selected Country is not 'Canada' but the first value in the datasource.

Is there a way to set the selected value in Edit Item Template so that its value in dropdown list matches the value originally displayed in the Item Template. Handle your Selected Index Changed event and something like this should work: //Bind the grid then Label lb = (Label)Grid View1.

Datasource ID Property is not required since I am already using Data Source Property.