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How do you get all of your existing data into the new system? What if you didn’t have to migrate anything, or you could migrate when you choose, intelligently, based on user behavior? Choosing an ECM system is usually a top down decision that requires organizational change, and managing change is difficult.

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Although we would agree that most online daters usually resolve t… But more often than not singles tell a bunch of lies to attract other singles.Whether you are from Surrey, British Columbia and you want to meet someone local or a woman…» Online dating is a big business for the paid sites. Plenty of Fish the biggest dating site of them all brings in millions of dollars a month in revenue from ads and paid options. Imagine if it didn’t matter where documents and other information were stored or which system managed them?What if chaotic file shares, information silos and vendor lock-in were a thing of the past?Online dating site created with a custom content management system build for online dating.

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Businesses often already have multiple systems and repositories -- everything from shared network folders to full ECM systems, such as Open Text or Documentum, to new file sharing services like Box and Dropbox. What if it was possible to easily find and use what you need across any repository or system, but also enrich and repurpose information located anywhere without disrupting existing systems and processes?

Learn about an exciting new "system-neutral" approach to information management.

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The official position taken by the Wikimedia Foundation is that "faithful reproductions of two-dimensional public domain works of art are public domain".

If you too are dating someone online and pretty serious about the ‘relationship' there are few thin…